A Long distance relationship


Hi stranger..

Im a girl in the beginning of my 20’s and live in an European country, English is not my first language, so excuse me, my grammar isnt perfect, but whats import is, the message. Im in a longdistance relationship, and we’ve been together for the 4’th year now. We got engaged 6 months ago. He lives in London and I live 2 hours away by plane.  Our relationship has never been perfect, but is a realtionship ever perfect? We have had our ups and downs, major fights, mostly started by me, because I felt like he wasnt giving me enough attention, didnt spend enough time on us.  I created this blogg, because I needed to talk to others that are going through the same, and who can relate how the difficualt times in a LDR.

I hope to get some new friends to share my feelings with. I am going through a hard time, right now, and I really need support.

For now, bye.


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